The work is divided into 5 steps, iterations within the team and several key approvals with the client.

Gathering info
UI Prototype
Visual Design

Each step is a transition from the general to the particular and gradual detailing.

The number of iterations, their duration, and the frequency of approvals depend only on the development period, which is determined by the client. The time of meetings, discussions, calls and brainstorms is working time, it is also paid.

My colleagues and I do the work of the highest quality, taking into account the time constraints, we discuss with the client the possibility of abandoning some functions for the sake of completing the project on time, or ask for more time to work. If we know that we cannot complete the work, we give fair warning.

At each stage, certain information is required of the client in order to proceed.

0. Gathering project info

A preparatory step for a proper assessment of the scope and essence of the work.

Разработчикам важно понимать, для кого они делают продукт. На этом этапе мы узнаем больше о бизнесе клиента и его видении продукта, обсуждаем различные идеи и утверждаем общую концепцию.

Прежде всего требуется подробная информация о целевой аудитории, типичных пользователях и любая маркетинговая информация в целом. От этих данных зависит внешнее оформление и принципы работы будущего продукта.

1. Mindmap

To correctly estimate the amount of work, I collect a map of the site with all the necessary sections and screens.

It can be quite simple:

Or more complicated:

2. UI Prototypes

Мы делим дизайн на прототипирование и оформление. Прототипы в виде схем позволяют утвердить расположение информации и элементов интерфейса на экранах.

A typical prototype looks like this:

interface prototype

Prototypes are necessarily discussed with the client and are largely unchanged after approval.

3. Visual Design

After agreeing on prototypes designers make them in accordance with the information about the target audience of the product and the concept approved in the first phase.

Prototype after design:

The layout is discussed with the client and, if necessary, changed slightly. The final decision on all related issues is made by the designer.

4. Coding

Approved designs are transferred to technologists experienced layout designers), and then — to programmers for the final assembly of the product.

5. QA

There are always mistakes. We find them and fix them.