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French translator website

Katerina Bordyug is a translator from French and English. Her portfolio website contains examples of children’s literature translations, popular science books, interviews and various documents. The website was designed and built on the website builder in 4 days.

Client: Katerina Bordyug
Date: 20.12.2020
Services: Website, Landing page, Adaptive template

Mobile versions

Tilda allows you to make many adaptive versions of the design for different devices. The site looks neat on iPads in portrait and landscape modes, as well as on modern Androids and iPhones.

Other pages

For ease of navigation, the content within the site is organized into simple lists in four categories

On the project pages, it is easy to compare the translation and the original English or French text — they are aligned paragraph by paragraph.

Client’s quote

Arthur, thank you very much for your work! I did not expect that the website would be ready so quickly, given that everything was done right before the New Year. The coolest thing is that it is fully consistent with my character and gives exactly the impression I wanted. And now my friends also want websites like this :-)

Katerina Bordyug Translator
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