Третья версия Kupiuzi.ru Сайт Артура Нецветаева — сайты, приложения, прототипы и оформление интерфейсов kupiuzi square preview

Kupiuzi.ru e-commerce website

It's been a year since the Kupiuzi store was renovated and the customer is back with a new challenge. The store is growing, becoming a full-fledged used scanner marketplace, and now it needs a new, modern design.

Website: kupiuzi.ru
Date: 23.09.2014
Services: Website design, mobile design, e-commerce

Main page

Adding a device and scanner catalog

The updated catalog has big pictures, and adding devices yourself has become much easier.

Product Page

Now you can comment on products and clarify their features. The payment procedure has become more transparent, and the main button has become more visible.

Icons with scanners

Especially for this project, we drew a dozen icons that represent different kinds of devices and help you better understand the characteristics of scanners.

Mobile version

Of course, we have not forgotten about the adaptive layout for mobile devices.

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