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RedStarBet ads and banners

For RedStarBet's gambling projects we have designed and produced several banners using 2D and 3D graphics.

Client: RSP Entertainment N.V.
Date: 17.01.2019
Services: Graphic design


The client asked us to make spectacular banners for advertising on the Internet in three languages and in a dozen sizes in a short time based on a brief description. Some of the graphics — two-dimensional characters — were given to us (thank you!). Everything else had to be done from scratch.

The first attempt

At the start we were only given the slogans "Telegram Contest" and "Hurricane of Frispins": we had to choose images that were dynamic and effective, but clear to the audience. I started with a few simple sketches showing the general idea and composition of the banners.

Attention to the details

After agreeing on the concept, we set to work: we began to make three-dimensional models of the text and additional objects.


Especially for the project we made a thematic set of 3D icons


After rendering the necessary objects, I assembled all the graphics in one layout for each banner and adapted them to different formats.

Client’s quote

"Arthur, on behalf of RSP Entertainment N.V. I would like to thank you for the work on our projects. Your professional experience, attention to detail and reasoned point of view on design-related issues have played a decisive role in the convenience and quality of the final product. I hope for further productive cooperation."

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Oleg Ivanov Chief Technology Officer
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