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Tea Cliff — desktop & mobile shop

For the new tea store "Tea Cliff" in just three weeks, an adaptive interface design based on the client's prototypes was made.

Client: Fabrique.studio
Date: 10.06.2020
Services: Website design, mobile design, e-commerce

Main page

Tea catalog and product page

On the site you can choose a tea to taste and read about the right way to brew it.

Cart & order

The most important thing on the store's site is the shopping cart and checkout.

Company’s blog design

The blog contains interesting articles about tea: they help customers make a choice and purchase, and are also useful for search engine optimisation.

Client’s profile & account

После регистрации или при покупке чая клиент получает доступ к личному кабинету — специальному разделу с его заказами и избранным.

Mobile version

A large part of users visit the store's site from mobile devices. Especially for them I made a version for phones.

GUI elements

As always, all used interface elements in all necessary states were assembled into a separate layout and handed over to the coder.

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