Helping startups and businesses design useful products and services


In 12 years of work I have learned well the problems that every company faces

My experience comes in handy if you already have a prototype ready or only have an idea for a new product. I will ask questions about your business audience and take care of interface design and any advertising: from google banners to packaging and street billboards.

If necessary, I’ll bring in colleagues and assign them some of the work on your project. See what we can do:


Animation & 3D

3D Models<br />Animation<br />VIdeo cut<br />Business Ads<br />Presentations

The Team

I know most of my colleagues personally. We are few, scattered around the world and have been working remotely for a long time. Each of us is a professional in his business with at least 7 years of experience. We speak Russian and English. We don’t like to make phone calls, but we gladly correspond.


Артур Нецветаев

Art Director, Designer

pavel belyayev
Павел Беляев

VFX Artist

aleksandr savenkov
Александр Савенков

Font Designer, Translator

My Team Сайт Артура Нецветаева — сайты, приложения, прототипы и оформление интерфейсов ag 1
Анатолий Гаркуша


Lovely clients

My clients are advertising agencies and startups, Russian-speaking immigrants and Europeans.

Many of them come with a prototype or the first version of a product, which needs to be designed as a whole: then I join the customer’s team and take art director and designer roles, sometimes getting into marketing, and sometimes involving my colleagues for separate tasks.

Some clients do not have their own development team. For their projects I take on the additional role of manager: not only come up with the visual style, but also select illustrators, designers, layout designers and programmers, control the execution of the task and am responsible for the quality of the work.


I work with big and small:


I am interested in tasks of different scale. I like big projects that I can work on quietly for months or years.



Online stores, marketplaces, bulletin boards and other systems to sell services and products.

CRM & Intranets

Management of projects, teams, clients and information. Intranet interfaces.


For smartphones, TVs, and other devices. For MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS and any other systems.

The process

Designing and designing an interface always involves several mandatory steps. What information will I need for my work and what results should I expect? Read the article below:


Design process

The work is divided into 5 stages, iterations within the team and several key approvals with the client...

На один макет мне нужно от двух до шести часов. Время зависит от сложности и типа страниц. Например, главную страницу сайта на заданную тему можно придумать и собрать за 16–20 часов, а второстепенные текстовые страницы займут 1–2 часа без учета правок.

Бесплатные консультации — бесплатно, в рамках задачи. Платные — за деньги.

Я работаю через биржу — это удобно, безопасно и полностью легально. Если вы хотите работать иначе, я разделю проект на этапы и попрошу полную предоплату перед началом каждого этапа.

Готов подписать соглашение о неразглашении (NDA).

Testimonials, quotes, letters

Despite my extensive experience, I rarely ask clients for feedback and recommendations. But some do write them: