Profit1 Ad Network

Ukrainian company Profit1 is an advertising network, which allows website owners to earn money through advertising on their sites. We made the new website design in just two weeks: from the interface and our own illustrations to the adaptive modern layout with animations.

My Socks shop

The launch of a new sock web store in Europe required a small and effective landing page. Not only did I make an adaptive design for all devices, but I also wrote the texts and tested and did QA for the layout errors for the client’s coder.

Springbok marketplace

Проектирование и оформление торговой площадки для любителей спорта.

Tea Cliff shop

Для нового магазина чая «Чайный утес» всего за три недели был сделан адаптивный дизайн интерфейсов по прототипам клиента.

CPA Plus Interfaces

The CPA Plus directory of ad networks allows you to find, compare and choose an appropriate banner network or a specific offer. In just two weeks I made a desktop and mobile versions of the catalog, as well as a layout with UI elements.

Pet Booking Service

Pet Service Booking is an American marketplace for pet services, visually and mechanically similar to the well-known and, but with its own interesting features.

Focusing on the client’s detailed task description and concepts, I designed and designed the entire service in just three weeks.

Fierly Express mobile app

Проектирование мобильного приложения для курьеров нового сервиса доставки Fierly Express.

RedStarBet Mobile App

Ukrainian company «RedStarBet» asked me to improve the design of the interface for sports betting.

Yirrkala App

The Yirrkala mobile app for Aboriginal Australians is similar to Instagram: Users share photos, mark places on a map and communicate with each other.